Kyle Bob

Kyle Bob

I like to make things on the computers and sometimes I talk into a microphone. I also come up with business ideas that are worth at least five dollars.


Follow me @kylebob for videos of stand up, dumb sketches I made with toys, and the Where's Waldo podcast.


Follow me @kylebobstagram for stand up clips and show dates, plus occasional pictures of my cat.

Random Things To Do

Thousands of things to do when you're really bored. I made this site back in 2007 and I don't really know what to do with it but people still go to it so I keep it around.

Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Here's my own version of one of those Goosebumps inspired classics, except it's less scary and more dumb. Contains a farmer's market, dragons, a void to nowhere, an open mic, and more!

HaUnTeD HoUsE oF HeCk

Another chooooseable adventure where you head into a house full of ghosts, spiders, and awkward moments in attempt to recover your favorite yo-yo.

Silicon Dune Adventure

Try to make wise choices as you venture through the desert's challenges of pyramids and casinos, followed by another location that won't be spoiled here. Spoilers: Space!

Time Travel Tuesday

A choose your own adventure story though time. Befriend dinosaurs, dragons, cowboys, and people from the year 2032.

Application Mountain Adventure

It's a choose your method of mountain climbing adventure! It has goats and frozen people, as well as lava AND magma.

Earthquake Fizz Calculator

How long after an earthquake is it okay to open a can of soda again? More beverage options to be added soon!

Comics and Doodles

I drew some blobby things like fish and ice cream, then added some globby text, some of which is humorous.

Money Making Ideas

Some profitable schemes for new video games, movies, toys, apps, and foods.


I'm not sure why I wrote these, but I did. This description is not a haiku. Haikus are 5-7-5 for syllables. This description is 10-9-11-14, so yeah.

Bunny Breeder

Game prototype where you give grass to hermaphrodite rabbits to help them create more babies. Made in Construct, a game design engine that nobody really uses.

New Olympic Game Proposals

Some ideas for if they ever decide to include silly games from childhood. It'd be fun to see Leapfrog and Musical Chairs pushed to the absolute limit of human capability.

Doomsday Calculator

What day will the world end? Whatever day you want it to, thanks to this pessimistic outcome generator!

The Blame Game

Draw an unfortunate situation card, then choose between three blame cards to decide whose or what's fault it is for causing this terrible inconvenience.

OAR or ORE??

Can you tell a paddle from a peridot? See if you can cORRectly answer these fOURteen questions.

Shoebear Cartoons

Animated cartoon shorts and comics with Justin Villanueva, featuring talking trees, Humpty Dumpty, stumble bees, sea urchins, and of course, Shoebear (the shoe that's also a bear).

Flash Games

Some old Flash games you maybe used to play at your school library when you were supposed to be writing that math essay, now re-available with the help of Ruffle.