Kyle Bob

Kyle Bob

I like to make things on the computers. I also come up with business ideas that are worth at least five dollars. I sometimes think about what antelopes have been up to lately.

Random Things To Do

Thousands of things to do when you're really bored. I made this site back in 2007 and I don't really know what to do with it but people still go to it so I keep it around.

Random Things To Draw

Hundreds of ideas for things to draw. It's currently the most viewed page on, and debatably the most useful.

Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Here's my own work-in-progress version of one of those Goosebumps inspired classics, except it's less scary and more dumb and tragic. I'm not good at self-advertising. There's a dog with a hat in it somewhere though.

Earthquake Fizz Calculator

How long after an earthquake is it okay to open a can of soda again? More beverage options to be added soon!

Shoebear Cartoons

Animated cartoon shorts and comics with Justin Villanueva, featuring talking trees, starfish, Humpty Dumpty, stumble bees, sea urchins, and of course, Shoebear (the shoe that's also a bear).

Money Making Ideas

Some profitable schemes for new video games, movies, toys, apps, and foods.


I'm not sure why I wrote these, but I did. This description is not a haiku. Haikus are 5-7-5 for syllables. This description is 10-9-11-14, so yeah.


Maybe I wanted to write these in honor of my Irish heritage, or maybe I've lost control of my life. It's most likely a combination.

New Olympic Game Proposals

Some ideas for if the Olympics ever decides to include silly games from childhood. It'd be fun to see Leapfrog and Musical Chairs pushed to the absolute limit of human capability.

Random Things To Talk About

Hundreds of topics to talk about with your siblings, significant others, or cats.

Baby Laugh Track

What would it sound like to peek-a-boo a full room of babies at once? Wonder no more.


Here's an experimental "interactive experience" where you can spawn bananas to make a tower or a house or as tall as you can before it collapses.

Doomsday Calculator

What day will the world end? Whatever day you want it to, thanks to this pessimistic outcome generator!

The Blame Game

Draw an unfortunate situation card, then choose between three blame cards to decide whose or what's fault it is for causing this terrible inconvenience.

Notes from Ziggy the Cat

My cat typed some stuff on my laptop and it might mean nothing, but it might mean everything.