👿 Hell (Heck Squared)

You go down into hell, and to your surprise there is no fire or lava or anything like that. Instead, everything is made of hornets. The floors, ceilings, and walls are covered with them. What's for breakfast? A big bowl of live hornets. The bowl is also made of hornets that have been glued together. You learn that Satan exists, and is made of queen hornets. You still have a roommate, who insists that everything is "not that bad". You probably should've stayed in Heck.

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HaUnTeD HoUsE oF HeCk - A Chooooseable Adventure

Table of Contents (Warp Zone)

Bathing Room
Haunted Ground Floor
Floor 13
Haunted Trailway
Heck Headquarters
Hell (Heck Squared)
Semi-Scary Cemetery
Soapy Sewers
Toy Store R Us

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